Transaction Risk Analyst

Transaction Risk Analyst

Jersey City, New Jersey

Position Description Overview


Develops and implements innovative solutions and processes to reduce warranty expenses for portfolio of accounts while increasing the accuracy of transactional declines that Fiserv issues to the merchants.  

Job Responsibilities
  • Executes and follows through on the implementation of such tools.
  • Identifies opportunities to improve accuracy of scoring processes, which will include the development of new scoring models, refreshing existing models to take advantage of new data and/or seasonal trends, developing new variables for use in scoring models, etc.
  • Analyzes ambiguous data to understand trends, reach conclusions, and develop strategies to improve portfolio performance.
  • Drives new product extensions to provide additional value for merchants, new transactional revenue opportunities for Fiserv, and improved risk modeling accuracy.
  • Create statistical business models and rule sets to reduce net write-off, monitor accounts to validate authorization system processing and that accounts perform to expectations.
  • Assists National Accounts in the sales and relationship management processes as well as in the interpretation of data, trends, etc.
Scope of Job

Manages portfolio that produces $6 million in yearly warranties/check guarantees. Risk management is a key Fiserv transactional differentiator. As such, portfolio revenue of $18 million is won and potentially lost if risk management is not conducted properly. Additionally, if risk management is not conducted properly, there is impact to TeleCheck reputation and public image, legal exposure and operational areas. Direct driver in the ability to meet forecast of yearly financial plan; tasked with approximately $500 thousand in annual warranty savings.